What Is Mercury Free Dentistry?

Bleeding GumsDr. Deborah King offers patients quality, state-of-the-art dental care in a compassionate and welcoming setting at her Buckhead, GA dentist office. As a part of her comprehensive dental care, she offers patients mercury free dentistry. Dr. King believes that dentistry should be performed with the most modern techniques and the best materials. With mercury-free dentistry, Dr. Kings provides patients with the safest and effective dental treatments available.

The Dark Past of Dental Fillings

In the past, dental fillings were made of a material called amalgam. Over the last several years, this material has been associated with many health concerns related to its high mercury content. Many dentists continue using amalgam fillings because they are inexpensive and widely available. Dr. King does not use amalgam fillings. The Amalgam fillings are dark in color and fall apart as they age, enabling new cavities to form.

The dark color of amalgam fillings can be distracting and embarrassing for many patients. For patients with cavities in their “smile-zone” metal fillings can be highly visible and detract from the aesthetics of their smile and face.

The Future of Dental Fillings

With advancements in dental technology composites, porcelain and other safe materials are now available to replace amalgam fillings. Dr. King offers patients high-quality results that can be color matched to your natural teeth for aesthetic results. These new materials are highly durable, stain and decay resistant, custom fit, and mercury free for your safety. Dr. King also uses inlays & onlays for lasting results.

Dr. King also offers replacement services. If you already have amalgam fillings that are deteriorating or distracting of your smile zone, Dr. King will replace them with a porcelain or composite filling. These fillings will be custom fabricated to fit and color match your natural smile. Dr. King takes special precautions to ensure the removal of your mercury filling will not release any toxins. Porcelain and resin fillings provide a safe and beautiful alternative to traditional metal fillings.

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If you have metal fillings that distract from your smile, or if you are concerned about your health and well-being, contact our Buckhead, GA dentist office. Our team can help answer you questions about how you can repair your smile for your optimal oral health.


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