Getting Screened For Oral Cancer in Buckhead, GA

Visiting the dentist may save your life.

Oral cancer diagnoses are on the rise. According to recent research, typically, oral cancer in the patients over the age of 50; however, studies have shown an increase in oral cancer in younger patients. Studies suggest that HPV exposure is linked to the increase in oral cancer diagnoses in younger patients. Patients who have been exposed to HPV,  smoke, drink alcohol, and who have a family history of cancer are at high risk of developing oral cancer. Whether or not you are considering at high risk for oral cancer, it is crucial to receive an oral cancer screening at least every six months.  For certain patient, your dentist may recommend frequent screenings.

Dr. Deborah King offers routine oral cancer screenings in our Buckhead, GA dental office. Dr. King can perform routine oral cancer screening during your preventive dental care visit. Oral cancer screening takes a few minutes out of your visit, and most patients don’t even realize they are being screened for oral cancer during their visit. Dr. King will perform a visual and physical examination of the lips, tongue, tonsils, soft tissue, oral cavity, neck, and oropharynx. Dr. King will search for any abnormal growths, sores or lesions, swelling, rough areas, red or white spots, loose teeth, ulcers, and masses. A thorough examination is a routine part of your preventive care visit. If oral cancer is suspected, Dr. King may order a biopsy to determine if any abnormal cells are cancerous. If cancer is present, it is important to coordinate the next steps in your treatment phase.

It is important to note that oral cancer is difficult to spot to an untrained eye, but scheduling regular visits to an experienced dentist can help you identify any abnormalities in the mouth and neck. If you have not scheduled an oral cancer screening in the past six months or you have noticed changes in your oral health, visit our Buckhead Dental Care in Atlanta, GA.

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