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Buckhead dentist Dr. Amy Mandalia offers treatment for tooth decay, including inlays and onlays for addressing larger cavities or tooth damage. An inlay or onlay, also called a partial crown, is considered an indirect dental restoration and will be custom made to match your tooth color for a natural looking result that will strengthen your tooth. Inlays and onlays are considerably more durable than traditional dental fillings and will support good dental health for many years with proper preventive care and good oral hygiene.

Inlay vs. Onlay vs. Filling

Although all of these restorative treatments can be used to address tooth decay or tooth damage, there are certain key differences that set each of them apart:

  • Dental filling: a traditional dental filling is used for minor tooth decay or damage to “fill in” where diseased tooth structure has been removed to restore dental health. Dr. Mandalia offers a variety of materials, but recommends the use of metal free composite resin whenever possible for aesthetics and overall durability.
  • Inlays: an inlay is a porcelain restoration that lays inside the cusps of a tooth. It can be used to address both decay and damage and provides much greater strength and durability when compared to a traditional filling.
  • Onlays: similar to the inlay, an onlay is used when the decay or damage extends beyond the cusps of the tooth. An onlay will also provide lasting durability and can be color matched for a natural looking result.

What To Expect

Dr. Mandalia will recommend a dental inlay or onlay if a tooth cavity is on a larger tooth or if the cavity is considered too extensive for a traditional filling. A dental inlay or onlay will require two visits to our Buckhead dentist office:

  • Tooth preparation and impressions: Dr. Mandalia will remove any diseased or damaged tooth surface and then take impressions of your tooth for use in fabricating your dental restoration.
  • Placement and fitting: at the second visit Dr. Mandalia will permanently attach your custom inlay or onlay and make any adjustments for a secure and comfortable fit.



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