Preventative Dental Care


At Buckhead Dental Care, Dr. Mandalia and her staff focus your oral health care on prevention of disease, helping you maintain optimal dental health and enjoy a comfortable smile. Preventive dental care has two key components that serve as the foundation for lasting oral health:

  • Routine visits with the dentist: visiting our Buckhead dentist office twice a year for a thorough exam and professional cleaning provides the opportunity for Dr. Mandalia to spot developing dental problems early on- before they become a painful or complex concern.
  • At home oral hygiene: practicing a healthy oral hygiene routine at home will help to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy between visits. Brushing and flossing daily will remove bacteria from surfaces of the mouth and help keep the gums healthy.

During your routine visits, Dr. Mandalia and her staff provide individualized oral hygiene tips and teach proper brushing and flossing techniques for the best result with your at home care. Dr. Mandalia also emphasizes the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle for both oral and overall health and well being.

Your smile plays a role in your daily quality of life- maintaining a healthy and functional smile enables you to enjoy a healthy, varied diet and boosts self confidence.


Advanced Technology

Dr. Mandalia has incorporated some of the latest dental technology into her Buckhead dentist office. Modern, digital technology enables her to more accurately diagnose and treat a range of dental and cosmetic concerns in a safe and less invasive manner.

  • Digital dental x-rays: digital x-rays provide high resolution diagnostic images with minimal radiation exposure and discomfort.
  • Diagnodent: a small hand held device, Diagnodent is a dental laser that can help Dr. Mandalia spot developing cavities in the earliest stage, preventing further damage.
  • CariVu: taking laser cavity detection a step further, CariVu is also a hand held cavity detection device that can also spot decay between the teeth and on hard to see surfaces- without radiation
  • Periosciences: Dr. Mandalia offers the Perioscience products for maintaining optimal oral health for a lifetime. This unique line of oral hygiene products are infused with salivary anti-oxidants for reducing harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease and other dental problems.
  • MI Paste: for patients who may have white spots or acid erosion on their tooth enamel, Dr. Mandalia may recommend the use of MI Paste to help restore the tooth’s surface for improved dental health and a reduced risk of further damage or deterioration.


Children’s Dental Health Concerns

One of the chief dental health concerns for children is tooth decay. Routine visits to our Buckhead dentist office can help your child maintain healthy teeth and prevent tooth cavities. Dr. Mandalia also offers dental sealants to further prevent the formation of cavities. Dr. Mandalia recommends that children begin visiting the dentist around the age of 3.


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