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Buckhead dentist Dr. Amy Mandalia recognizes the anxiety and fear that many patients face when coming to the dentist. In many cases, fear of the dentist is the underlying cause of poor oral health, allowing small dental concerns to develop into complex problems over time.

There are many reasons for dental anxiety and Dr. Mandalia works with patients to understand the root cause of their fear, offering relaxation and sedation solutions to enable them to receive the dental care they need for restoring and maintaining their smile.

In some cases, taking the time to discuss their concerns and educate them on the steps involved in their dentistry can help patients to feel calm and confident during their visits.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: What To Expect

Dr. Mandalia offers nitrous oxide for patients who prefer to be completely relaxed during their dental procedure. A form of conscious sedation, nitrous oxide is a gas administered with a mask placed over the nose and mouth. While the mask is in place, patients will be relaxed, yet responsive and completely in control of their bodily functions.

Most patients have little or no memory of their dental treatment afterwards and are able to resume their daily routine within a short period of time.


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