A visit to the dentist office can be a stressful experience for many patients. Dental anxiety is one of the leading reasons patients avoid receiving the oral health care they need. When looking for a dentist, you want to know that they can be trusted, you will be safe and welcome, and treated as more than just a number. At our Atlanta, GA Buckhead Dental Care dentist Dr. Deborah King treats every patient with quality and compassionate dental care. Our patients notice the difference, and keep coming back.

Our Patients Talk About Buckhead Dental Care

I have had a great experience with Buckhead Dental Care. I have been going there for about 2 years now and they have always been first class. No one really looks forward to going to the dentist but they make the experience as good as possible. I picked them from the beginning on their holistic approach and based on the products and methods they use. Overall I highly recommend them if you care about who is doing work in your mouth! Daniel H.

I appreciate the whole team’s presence and professionalism. They are gentle and considerate of my sensitivities. They provide a wonderfully valuable service to their community. Thank you! Shalan H.

Buckhead Dental Care offers exceptional dental car with a caring and friendly staff that is very professional. They have always been concerned about my particular needs and recommending various options to take care of any issues. I have been a patient for over 12 years. Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Tony S.

I loved that Dr. King greeted me at the waiting room, introduced me to all her staff, then we had a face to face consultation in her office before even sitting in the dental chair. I appreciated her and all her staff’s presence with me (they didn’t feel rushed, distracted, or like I was just a number) Dr. King was very thorough with her exam and evaluation, very gentle, very clear in her communication. All her staff acted with the same valued qualities. Thank you, Yolanda and Susan, for the great work that you do! The front staff (Ann and Susan) were very kind, welcoming, and were great communicators as well. Thank you for a great experience when I have had some not so great experiences with dentists in the past. Shalan H.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Our Atlanta, GA dentist office provides an extensive range of dental health procedures for your comprehensive dental care. Ranging from routine preventive dental cleanings to total smile makeovers, Dr. King provides experienced and modern dentistry. Our dental services include but are not limited to:

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